SQL Queries for Git Repositories

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SELECT count(*) FROM commits;

Example Queries

See examples below, or learn more about specific use cases.

-- get the id and author email of every commit in the repo history 
SELECT id, author_email FROM commits
-- get top commit counts by author (name)
SELECT count(*) AS count, author_name FROM commits GROUP BY author_name ORDER BY count DESC
 -- print a bar chart of total commit distribution percentage (by author name)
WITH total_commits(total) AS (
  SELECT count(*) AS total FROM commits
  round(count(*)*100.0 / (SELECT total FROM total_commits), 2) AS percentage,
  printf('%.' || (CAST (round(count(*)*100.0 / (SELECT total FROM total_commits)) AS INT) + 1) || 'c', '█') AS commits
FROM commits GROUP BY author_name
ORDER BY percentage DESC